Monday, February 17, 2014

Introduction to Under Athena's Wing

I have recently started working at the Women's Center at my school and have come to the realization that Women's and Gender issues are my passion.  Though I will continue to post on my personal blog, I began this blog as a place to collect my feminist related writings.  Though Greek mythology is not known for being incredibly feminist, I believe Athena could act as a great role model for many women.  Not only is she my favorite goddess, she is representative of wisdom, courage, strength, and skill; all traits we must embody in order to make the change we want.  Growing up in Athens, Georgia, I was constantly seeing Athena in the form of a statue placed in the middle of our downtown.  I have always found this depiction of her regal and worth looking up to.  As I am still new to the feminist world, I titled this blog Under Athena's Wing to represent the position I believe I am in.  I have found something that I love so much and though I am no expert on the subject I am so ready and willing to learn and be able to put these lessons back into this world.

Photo Credit: Way Marking

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